Piggyback Tubing

Piggyback Tubing



    Patch clamp
    Fluid Handling

Quality glass, superior prices for microinjection/microelectrodes

    Quality borosilicate glass capillaries
    OD: 1.5, ID: 1.02
    6 in. (152 mm) Long
    OD/ID Tolerance: ±0.1 mm
    Length Tolerance: ±1 mm
    Recommended to use with Glass Handling Forceps (77020)

Superior Cell Impalement

Septum Theta offers superior cell impalement. The natural bevel resulting from the prominent spear-like projection of the septum gives microelectrodes a sharp, spear-point tip. This style has low resistance for use as a single microelectrode, and it can be used to make superior double-tipped microelectrodes with low trans-tip coupling. The natural bevel of Septum Theta also significantly increases the effective tip cross-section. As supplied, the width of the septum is approximately 0.2 mm, and the wall thickness is approximately 0.2 mm.


We offer custom fabricated solutions for your precision glass and quartz needs.

Inquire with sales personnel for details, customization can be made based on drawings