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AMOS Precision Glass Tubing Division, supplies high precision glass tubing and products for medical, industry and telecommunication markets since 2001. We provide large volume of glass tubing and capillary products in a full range of sizes, materials and finishes.


We are specializing in the researching, designing, manufacturing, consigned processing and marketing of borosilicate glass tubing and products. Combined self-designed and established production line and the improved glass-drawing technology and technics, we can fabricate the glass tubes with the extraordinary quality in high volume mass production.


Currently, our company provides both standard tubes as the category and custom-made products on your demands. Specially, besides different shapes and sizes, we can also provide ultra-precision borosilicate glass tubes with the exact tolerance dimension from 0.1mm to 0.001mm.


We accept the rapid prototyping. Our custom fabrication capabilities include special profiles (square, rectangle, oval, etc) on the ID and/or on the OD. These special shapes can be combined with custom precision bores. And multiple bores with precise, center-to-center distances can also be produced to suit your specific requirements.


Our production is ISO9001:2008 certificated.

Just contact us for a custom quote or to discuss your particular product requirements. We will give you a fast and concise quotation as demand.